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For those who continually ask me "What have you been doing?" … here is an updated section just for you.

So, currently I've been preparing most of my theater projects as a Journal. Instead of working with random spare sheets of paper, scan them and put them away in digital and physical folders, I've started collecting all of these preliminary sketches and bind them as a book, as an artist book/journal. As always, being the art director of my puppet company Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora, I'm scribbling for our own stage creations or for other companies, museums and so on.

Recently I've been asked to work abroad by means of solo exhibitions, art installations or directing workshops/masterclasses.

So, that's all,… come back again in a couple of weeks or so to check the news since these projects are still on the making and many more are to come.

#008 v.4 // 40's booklet

40's_Booklet // #008 v.4 // 40's booklet

0€ with included postage / against 40 original pieces of artwork

MailArt & ArtByMail booklet

Hyperconnected Mailart

ArtByMail // Hyperconnected Mailart

laser print on paper on wood assemblage / 314 x 760 mm
11 pieces

International Museum Day 2018 celebration
Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics

A CORdaDo Não

Artist_Book // A CORdaDo Não

digital print

poetized and musical illustration

ATC 366'24

ATC // ATC 366'24

mixed media on paper / 64 x 89 mm
set of 366 atc's

an Artist Trading Card per day keeps a guy insane

Rebeubéu, sabes como sou uma magnífica macieira?

drawing // Rebeubéu, sabes como sou uma magnífica macieira?

colored pencil on paper / 210 x 130 mm
28 pages

book for youngsters that love mud and for big kids that still enjoy it

not the hero you need but the hero you deserve

painting // not the hero you need but the hero you deserve

ya can use a mask or not and ya can be a villain or a hero ... but at the end of the day, it all depends on you


sculpture // CRATE '18

mixed media

the post-mortem exhibition

De partout...

sculpture // De partout...

acrylic on medium-density fibreboard

enVide Verus Voracious

sculpture // GALLERIA 666


the post-mortem house museum


theater // Contraventos


community street show by the company "Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora"

O meu avô consegue voar

Corner Radius Jig

Zingarelhos // Mutoscope

paper and 3D printed PLA

optical toy

Tetrahedron Painting Support Tool