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12.10.2019 . 10.00 > 17.00 | WORKSHOP

"Estoy Hoy" / Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo Silva, Portugal / required subscription / M.12 / 3h
12.10.2019 . 10.00 > 17.00 | WORKSHOP
12.10.2019 . 10.00 > 17.00 | WORKSHOP
12.10.2019 . 10.00 > 17.00 | WORKSHOP
12.10.2019 . 10.00 > 17.00 | WORKSHOP
Communication as a tool. Art as an expression. To be with and to the other to heal.


My name is Patricia Pevé, I am an art history teacher and in the early 2018 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Now I am cured, but during that time I understood that being with others, accompanied, was part of the cure. Therefore, I organized this proposal of mailart, in order to unite people through collective activities where you can approach fears and insecurities, family, social, political problems and many others.

Cancer hurts in your body and soul. We are not alone. We should not be alone, neither in disease nor in any situation of life. Under the premise "I am here for you" I requested through the social networks, creative and expressive and original artwork. During 6 months more than 500 works have arrived from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentinean localities of Cordova, Santa Fe, Trelew, Paraná, Blue, González Chávez, Coronel Suárez, Ciudadela, Lamadrid, Cañada de Gómez, Bernal, Tres Arroyos, among others.

At this workshop we'll explore materials and techniques commonly used on Mail Art as well as provide information about regulations on postal delivery regarding to Mail Art. We will also have time for a brief debate on some important artists of this area, aided by the viewing and analysis of some of their works as well as a guided tour through the exhibition.

At this workshop, artistic objects will be created with the purpose of being sent to international artists.

Tools and materials will be made available to the trainees, however it is advisable to bring your own material to increase productivity. The tools and materials to be explored in the workshop are:

. scissors, scalpels and x-acts

. miscellaneous papers and cartons

. glues and self-adhesive tapes

. magazines, newspapers and books to cut from

. markers, pens and pencils


DIRECTED BY Patricia Pevé ( Argentina )
SUPPORT Ecco Salud ( Argentina ) & Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva ( PORTUGAL )


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