0.4 ballpoint pen on Discovery 110gr paper

“Rabisca o Risco” started as a motif for drawing and practicing some more. Since I have a special interest on the random factor and the use of randomness as a seed for projects, I asked friends to play this old game with me. The main idea of this game is to be able to draw something after a small random doodle made by someone else.
So, … here’s the deal:
At the provided link there’s a starter.
The link gives you an A4 page with a 15X15cm square with a line inside it. You may print it or transfer it with carbon paper to the desire “canvas”. Using that random line (the same for everyone), you should create something without “breaking” it.
When mailing me the 15X15cm artwork (cut to that size), … remember to add a random line on a blank canvas so that I may also create something for you.
NOTE: all media may be used (drawing, painting, collage, …) and 15cm is around 6 inches.

Argonauts are long lost time traveler soldiers from the ancient renewed “Ordem de Cristo”.
Centuries upon centuries of space traveling, some were made prisoners at other galaxies and others were made frozen prisoners of space vacuum.
Progressing apparently randomly on unknown orbits, from times to times these great warriors collapse, flickering between dimensions and the space-time continuum.

My mind is blown!! You are a genius Monsenhor!! I submitted a scribble for Monsenhor enVide’s ‘Rabisca o Risco’ Art Call. This finished product is Phenomenal
– Erin Young AUGUST 7, 2015