For those who continually ask me ‘What have you been doing?” … here is an updated section just for you.
So, currently I’ve been preparing most of my theater projects as a Journal. Instead of working with random spare sheets of paper, scan them and put them away inside digital and physical folders, I’ve started collecting all of these preliminary sketches and bind them as a book, as an artist book/journal. As always, being the art director of my puppet company Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora, I’m scribbling for our own stage creations or for other companies, museums and so on.
Recently I’ve been asked to work abroad by means of solo exhibitions, art installations or directing workshops/masterclasses.

So, that’s all, … come back again in a couple of weeks or so to check the news since these projects are still on the making and many more are to come.

Disposable de-worming kit
mixed media . 2017
inspired on the personal traveler’s priest exorcism mallet, this disposable de-worming kit was created to be the low budget version of such peculiar and luxuries object
Emotional Mapping
mixed media on paper . 176x103mm . 2017
journal that documents the creation of “Emotional Mapping” art installation to be present at Elefsina in Greece, a project co-created with the musician Pedro Fonseca and production by “4IS – Plataforma para a Inovação Social”
Tia Graça – toda a gente devia ter uma Tia Graça – toda a gente devia ter uma
mixed media on paper . 155x297mm . 2016/17
journal that documents the set design for D’Orfeu’s musical show
mixed media on paper . 2016/17
journal that documents the set design for Marta Costa’s show
mixed media on paper . 187x244mm . 2016
journal that documents the design of the Figur I Fossekleiva (FIF) 2016 ambassador
Dissection of unArtist Dissection of unArtist
water based ink on 110gr canson paper
Ø48X6mm . 2016
34 years old prick stamp of a prick 34 years old prick stamp of a prick
water based paint print on 110gr canson paper
set of 15 . 30.10.2016